On Reckless Optimism

Reckless optimism is getting “in the zone” and persevering no matter how much shit gets in the way.

You need to stay motivated to run as fast as you can?when you choose an uncertain path in life.

Be smart! This is not about blindly pushing through when you have no idea what you’re doing.

This is a mindset.

Use reckless optimism every time you come up with a new idea. Get really fucking excited about how it can change the world. Then start making it happen.

Be reckless when you doubt yourself. Train your mind to not even think about failure. You live in a no-fail zone when you subscribe to reckless optimism. Failure is a contingency plan.

If uncertain, just remember – risks or not, you need to be reckless and figure that shit out. A reckless optimist puts together a plan and says, “I think this will work. Let’s try it and find out.”

Riches are for the risk-takers and renegades.

Go forth and be a trailblazer.