Andrew Ishimaru Looking Sharp

About Andrew

I strive to live by two words: “intelligent hustle”. Hustling is putting in the work required to accomplish great things. Intelligence– well, it speaks for itself. So to hustle intelligently is to hustle with regard to creative pursuits, ones that require divergent and unorthodox thinking.

Life is an adventure in search of inspiration.

Passions should be pursued to the point of obsession.

Learning is critical to forward movement.

Growth is what it means to be alive.

I exist to create the perfect version of myself.

My Story

It began with a crash course in startups and angel investing, during monsoon season in the Chesapeake Bay. I was one of two employees working for an angel investor at a SaaS startup as the “creative marketing” intern.

I had no idea what I was getting into, and no background in marketing.

But I committed to the job. And I learned more in those four months than any other time in my life.

I co-lead the state-wide beta launch of a software product. I created slide decks to pitch to c-level executives. I lead product demos for over a hundred people. I collaborated with the Techstars VP of business development to raise $2.5 million for an accelerator program. I built websites. I made videos. I did a lot of research. I sat in the audience for Mach 37’s demo day, and watched private pitches with angel investors.

With minimal skills, and no experience, I rose to the occasion and thrived in the fast-paced startup life.

Taking this lesson to heart, when I left the East Coast I dove into creative marketing and growth hacking projects for a dozen startups over the next year.

My early exploits ranged from building comprehensive social media growth strategies, to advising startups on raising angel rounds, to building business plans and doing market research, to the world of digital marketing.

At the time, I was also studying international relations and political philosophy at Colorado College.


In 2016 I joined The Growth Co. as an account lead and growth marketing Swiss army knife. I manage paid advertising for the agency as well as build and execute on marketing strategies for SaaS and healthcare staffing clients.

I also run along with my good friend and co-founder Connor Obrien.

I live in Denver, where I rock climb, snowboard, produce electronic music, and build businesses.